Port Hackathon

For a while now we have been conducting maritime analysis at Veneficus. When we find out that during the World Port Days, Rotterdam Open Data together with Port of Rotterdam were organizing the Port Hackathon, we knew it was an event for us. We had two teams there to represent Veneficus. Team one consisted of Julian, Hoksan and Anna-Maria and team two of Bob, Aiste, who is a Ph.D. student at Tinbergen Institute and friend of ours, and myself.

Hacking the Port of Rotterdam

The goal of the Hackathon was to build a web application or analysis that will become part of Port’s 2030 vision. Since environment plays an important role in Port’s mission, this was the focus of team one. They proposed an application, which delivered insight about the correlation of the number of ships in port and pollution emission. The solution combined real time vessels’ position data and e-noses information, and could allow for pollution forecasting and further controlling of its levels in the city and port.

My team, team two, focused on what was happening outside the port, meaning ship idling at sea. We developed a “money wasting app”, showing how much money is being lost by the ship manager while waiting at sea for port entrance. We also focused on the environmental aspect, displaying the impact on sea pollution. Even though the jury did not recognize our solutions, we found the Hackathon to be a great success.

Ideas of other teams were very inspiring and the whole event showed vast opportunities for data driven solutions for the maritime business. We are looking forward to more events like this!